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Town of Refuge

Since February, we have been receiving refugees from Ukraine in Aseri, Estonia
While we purchased 9 buildings in Aseri, 8 of them need a reconstruction. There is our the only building in a good estate in the photo. Since February, we have repurposed our organization’s building and mission to serve those impacted by the war in Ukraine.
We transformed every office-room into a bedroom.
It became a halfway house: once people come they stay in there until their paperwork is done and we find apartments for them. Also, some refugees are not certain about a country for living yet, and they need a place to stop, have a rest, and figure out what to do next.

Our staff provides transportation and logistical support to every family. We help them register with the appropriate authorities and sign up for benefits, take their kids to doctors appointments, and help them get to school. We’ve got one mission: to provide shelter, comfort, and support to every precious refugee that comes though our doors.
total amount of people we helped
(including those who stayed with us for a while)
72 are under our care at the present moment
(under 18 y.o.)
Our Unique Role + Positioning
With over 5 million refugees seeking residence outside Ukraine, there are certain undeniable facts impacting their relocation decisions. Cities that have been welcoming refugees since the beginning of the conflict, are now tighter on space. Jobs are sparse, and prolonged conflict means the cost of living becomes a crucial factor when waiting out the crisis. Here in Aseri, not only is the cost of living lower than most of Europe, but this area of the country has a Russian-speaking majority, which significantly reduces the language barriers facing those seeking work and wanting to enroll their children in school. And unlike other parts of Europe where available housing has dried up and or increased demand has driven up prices, our corner of Estonia has numerous abandoned buildings left behind from the Soviet era at our disposal.
We invite you to participation
Recently, the municipality we operate in, put up for sale a large recreation center which happens to be located directly across the street from our offices-turned-refugee center.

The space is move-in-ready and in great condition. It’s also a great price, with the town asking only $140,000 USD for it.

We’d like to purchase the building for a multi-purpose center that we envision using in the following ways:

move our existing office functions and church hall, so that we can free up more space in the refugee care center to accommodate more people.
serve the incoming refugees and community by establishing a local kindergarten, because there are limited options for children in the existing community.
provide various services to the community via programs like art classes for children, local performances, and event space.
develop entrepreneurial opportunities to employ refugees and developing a sustainable stream of income for the mission. For example, we have the real possibility of purchasing a bakery that we could then operate out of this space and train locals and refugees in this new skill.
We believe we can do all of this in the space for the $140,000 investment in the property.

I know this is a lot to ask, but I am confident that this building will serve greatly to the vision of the Town of Prayer and refugees from Ukraine.

We are so thankful for your donations!

Thanks to your generosity we were able to do a quick renovation of our office building in order to transform it into a home.

With your help, we purchased and installed a new plumbing system and water heaters, so we created a bathroom out of office storage! Also thanks to you we purchased new shower cabins, stoves, all necessary kitchen utensils, dishwashers, washing and drying machines, fridges, bunk beds, pillows, blankets, bathroom body and hand towels, bed sheets, bed covers, schools supplies for kids, etc.

And of course, every week we buy groceries, toilet paper, laundry detergents, and other necessary items to provide a comfortable living for each Ukrainian who comes through our doors.

Thank you!

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